Monday, August 6, 2007

Secret #1: the BIG reveal ...

My goodness, it's amazing how I mention "secret project" and you all get excited!  I love it!  LOL

First, let me state that revealing Secret #1 today will only excite the locals.  I know what you're thinking -- what? She has more than one secret to reveal?  ... well, actually I do but not today.  I think I meant to say that what you're really thinking is -- what? only the locals get a piece of the action? That's so not fair Dee!!   ... I'm truly sorry about this. 

One, I promised to only reveal one of the secrets at this time.  We must wait to unveil the second secret after someone else has announced it first (and that can be at ANY moment now!) -- you CGOA members will hear about it first before I can announce it here.

Second, the local bit -- well, you know I do hope plan to eventually go global one day, so this is a step in the right direction, yes?

So just how "local" are we talking here?  For the locals in the Greenwich to Fairfield, Connecticut, areas, you'll be pleased to know that tomorrow night I'll be headed to Norwalk to be taped for a local Cable program.  The program is called "The Christina Show" and appears on Cablevision's Channel 77 on Friday nights at 8:30 -- don't quote me -- I may have gotten the link wrong; I'm hoping my local fans will come to my aid here and let me know if I did.   Please note that I do not know when the actual program will air, but it should be within a few weeks. 

I'll be on the show to chat about how I became hooked on Crochet and to demonstrate how to crochet with beads.  To add to the excitement, Mini~Dee will be demonstrating that kids can crochet too while modeling the Ballet Slippers that I designed for the new book: "The Dancer's Book of Ballet Crafts: Dancewear, Accessories, and Keepsakes"


Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is too cool!

Anonymous said...

WoooHooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations to the both of you!!!!!!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dee and Mini~Dee!  That's fabulous!  You go, girls!

Anonymous said...

Dee - this is truly awesome!!  Every journey begins with a single step and this is a BIG step towards going global!!  I can't wait to watch!  "Break a leg" with the taping!  Wow!  Maybe your next stop can be the Kassie DePavia "Knit and Crochet Today" show.  This is so great - I'm on pins and needles for the next secret!  Have a great day!  Haley

Anonymous said...

I think I need to get your autograph soon before you go global so I can say I knew you way back when.....What is the fiber you're using in the pictures you have today?  See you soon.  Lori