Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy dee ... babies ... and a wedding ...

Life is trying to step in the way of my stitching/blogging ... in getting the kids settled back into their new school year, doing some crochet-related research, working on a pattern for publication, and working on class demo pieces.  Hmmm, most of that is crochet related, so that's OK; it's a good type of "busy."  Still one could say I'm as busy as a "dee" at the moment.   (Oh how corny, right? lol)

Mini~Dee and Dee Jr. would like to announce to everyone that we have 19 new babies -- praying mantises babies that is! -- they seemed to have taken forever to hatch! The kids were really excited to release them into the wild yesterday (well, into their garden at least), on their last official day of summer.  We're hoping the little buggers will grow fast and will make it through the winter.  One thing we learned this summer is that the praying mantise is Connecticut's "State Insect."  I never knew that. 

While I'm headed back to getting some work done, do go and give Noreen Crone-Findlay a visit -- Noreen's daughter had a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded with crochet, and other wonderful items all made with love.  You can visit her blog here:; very touching!

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