Monday, June 11, 2007

Time keeps on Ticking ... ticking ... ticking

Let me state right up front, and quite proudly, that Mr. Dee is the bestest hubby in the world! He spent some 22 hours this weekend in reviving my laptop! I am sooooo relieved! Having to "time share" the main PC with the family was not my cup of tea ... especially when I've been so spoiled to be able to go online at anytime -- and anywhere! -- I wanted. I am quite happy that Mr. Dee was able to give me my "freedom" back. Wheeeee!!

Of course I'm now looking at some 2000 plus emails that have accumulated in just the past few days. Yikes!! Keep the coffee on; it's going to be fun catching up!

Hmmm, here's one from Lori.  She says she and Haley (they're both crochet students of mine who are a joy to be around) are counting down the minutes until the CGOA Conference that's taking place in New Hampshire next month.  This will be their first conference and they're quite excited.  And rightfully so!  She didn't include an actual countdown in her email so I replied with the following:
733 732 hours 
       OR 43980 43960 minutes 
                        OR 2638800 2635200 seconds 
                                             to go until the Conference ... LOL

Now that's what I call a countdown! Hmmmm... perhaps I shouldn't laugh too loudly because I still have homework and garments to complete in time!  Then there will be packing; lots of packing!  Forget about wasting time figuring out what clothes to bring -- I can have the kids figure that out.  I'm wondering what yarns I should pack!?!?  Now that's going to take a lot of time to decide upon!!!   heh heh heh


Anonymous said...

ahh, it was either  the Steve Miller Band or Seal that did "FLy Like An Eagle", if I'm not mistaken....

Anonymous said...

You're right!  In my excitement in being back online AND blogging, I totally spaced!  Thanks for the correction!  :)