Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Doily "Roll Back" Project: Some Thoughts

Yesterday Haley recommended I check out the free doily pattern that was available on Annies Attic (every day they offer a different pattern for free).  It was quite lovely and did tempt me to drop all the other projects I currently have on the hook and give it a try -- but I was able to resist.   I think mainly because if I'm going to make this this "doily roll back" project work, I think it needs to be square or rectangle in shape to make hanging from the basketball backboard easier.  (see yesterday's post) Pineapple Lace

So this sent me on the hunt for square and/or rectangle doilies.  Knowing how much I enjoyed taking the online Delta Crochet class a while back, I went to Hass Designs to see what he had available.  I found a great looking (and free) pattern featuring lilies ... hmmm, I'd like to place that one into the running, but I wonder, would the lilies get "lost" should I super size the pattern?

While I was on the hunt for inspiration/patterns, little did I know that my Amazon order would arrive. {{Yippee!}} One of the books I received was the Revised Edition of Pineapple Lace.  The only negative about this book is that I was first introduced to it when I was alerted to another huge copyright infringement website earlier in the week by the Copyright Police.  It was horrifying seeing so much blatant disregard for the law!   

In my search to see if any of my material was on that site, I stumbled upon the Pineapple Lace book, and upon seeing the many beautiful doilies it features, I knew I had to get me a copy -- a LEGAL copy!  Now, with the book in my hands and flipping through it's pages, I think it would have added to my enjoyment if I had learned about the book from an online group discussion about it's rich looking doilies, or reading about it in someone's blog!  Other than that, I think this book is absolutely fantastic! (Note: Fortunately the designers and publishers are in the process of shutting down the website and most likely will pursue for huge monetary damages.  Take heed!  If you have such a website save yourself a lot of legal trouble and take it down immediately!!)  

Clarissa, a member of an online group I belong to asked last week:
There are literally thousands of free patterns out there for the taking, so how do I know if its been posted illegally?

I responded:
This is a great question, Clarissa.

Usually if a pattern (or any other material) is posted on someone else's website it should state that it's posted there with the blessing of the copyright holder.  If there's no blessing, then figure it's not legal and move onto another website that's on the up & up.

The person hosting X person's material on their site should have the expressed written permission from X available for inspection should it ever comeinto question.

Getting back to my thoughts about the Pineapple Lace book I just received, happily, I think I've found some more candidates for my "roll back" idea ... if you visit Amazon you can take a LEGAL sneak-peak into the book.  I think you just might like it too! 

So, now as I narrow down the pattern selection, I must next consider what type of fiber I should use.  Clothes line?  Nylon?  And what about color? Should I consider keeping it white, or perhaps go neon?  I think a visit to my local hardware store might be in my future.  :) 
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Anonymous said...

Dee, I have that book. I love it! I have yet to make a doily from it but cant wait too. Happy crocheting! Sherri

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,  My crochet doily story is short and sweet. I grew up in the midwest in a small town.  Many of the neighborhood older women took me under their wings.
A kind woman named Pearl  taught me to crochet doilies using a small metal hook.  I really loved it. I knew it will be a useful craft and kept at it.  Currently I read altered coutore and have become a fan of this magazine.  I am working on combining many techniques using crochet and quilting to alter clothing I will wear as one of a kind pieces. in my wardrobe.    I am thrilled to find your blog tonight and see the enthusiasm you have for fiber arts.   I am going to try to begin putting some of my finished pieces on my blog... I hope you will visit me there,too.  Kindest Regards,   My name is Lindy.... keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Check out the hardware store.  They should have some nylon cord in neon colors that will make a fabulous outside project.  I think it's in the rope section.  I dreamed about making some of it into a summer tote bag, but a sports project.  They seem "made for each other".