Friday, June 22, 2007

That Rockin' Cat!

We've been busy celebrating Mr. Dee's birthday ... part of the celebration included (at least for me) crocheting during the Connecticut Rockcats baseball game against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (meow, right? lol).  Even though there was a slight rain interruption, and that the Rockcats lost by a single run at the end of the night, there was no de-clawing me from getting in some crochet stitches ...

Now the big question is, will we watch the Fisher Cats in action again when it comes time to attend the National Conference next month? Oh, I see.  That's not the big question you want answered.  You want to know what I'm working on, yes?  heh heh heh

It's a "Treasure Bag" that I plan on stuffing with something for the Crochet Exchange that will take place at the Conference.  Last year I stuffed it with rhinestoned sunglasses.  What would you love to find stashed inside?  Keep in mind that the treasure-value needs to be around $20. 
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dee, If it were I getting the treasure bag Id love to get a new awesome hook:) But since its not me I have no idea:) heehee Sherri