Friday, June 15, 2007

Alotta Hoopla & Smores

It has been a whirlwind of activities here at the CrochetWithDee homestead, and with a mouth full of smores, I can happily mumble that our Summer is ready to start! 

First, as a proud parent, I want to state we am quite pleased with our children's report cards and IOWA test results.  We rewarded them with new bicycle helmets, and for myself, a new basketball hoop (& backboard).  We spent this evening shooting hoops (I still can't believe I got whooped by my 8 year old!) and I have decided that we need some sort of "roll back" net because, lets face it, I haven't shot hoops in quite some time and am quite rusty.  Thankfully the children don't mind going into the bushes to retrieve the ball, but I know, that with time, those feelings could change.

So, do I take the plunge and purchase an official roll back net, or do I take a square doily pattern and turn it into a "mamoth-doily" and use that!?  Ah, now that would be something to think about! ... and pretty to look at when shooting hoops!  Right!?????

While I'm pondering this as a possible summertime challenge/project, I want to mention that it's official -- our Rag Shop craft store located in Danbury is going out of business; they already have signs posted on their windows -- geesh, we're still feeling the pain from the Craft Basket store closing a few years back. 

I can recall that once upon a time we had a choice to order yarn from some obscure catalog (man did that generate some excitement; my Grandmother & I would flip through the pages seemingly for hours!) or go to a local department store like Kmart -- back then the yarn shopping experience was much like buying a buying a Ford car back when they first started rolling off the assembly line in 1903.  Ford had said then, "the customer can have any color he wants so long as it's black."  Imagine if we had to go back to the days of just crocheting withwool AND in very limited colors -- ugh!! 

Now, I'm not that old, but to think back to those times and compare them to how we can shop for yarn today, I know I don't want to go back getting my supplies that way!  I like using different fiber content, textures, and colors!  This is why it's so important we support our local independent yarn shops!  I recently did just that!  I picked up some pretty "Cotton Twist" in pink by Berroco to design a beach coverup for Mini~Dee ... but first I need to get the sticky marshmellows off my fingers and finish my "It's for me, me, me!" project!   :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your children's report cards. I'm sure you and your husband's support helped make the report cars good.
Our Rag SHop in MD closed down quite a few years ago, probably about 15. At that time, we were told "all" were closing down, but when we were in PA, they still had a few Rag Shops.
I know what you mean about the yarn - at one time (probably too long ago for you to remember) it was sold in grocery stores. Each grocery store seemed to have a different type, some was horrible and some was great. The department stores used to sell the kind of yarn you now how to go to a yarn shop to get...
oh well, at least there's the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, there is a free doily pattern on anniesattic<dot>com today (Saturday 6/16) that would work nicely for your "roll back"!  It almost looks like a target! That is a fabulous idea - I've been thinking about using the nylon I have to make myself a clothesline.  I can't seem to find one I like in the stores.  Looking forward to catching up at the conference!!  Give Mini-Dee and Dee Jr. high-fives on their achievements!!  That's awesome!  My little guy is just days away from finishing kindergarten - my how time flies!  Have the day you deserve!!  Haley