Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stitching For Moms

Mother's Day is coming; are you prepared?  I know Sherri has been crocheting a doily for her Mother; Puchitomato crocheted some darling amigurumi buddies; Mandy made a flower basket shawl (be sure to check out the handspun scarf she crocheted!); even the Lion Brand website is catching on that crocheting for our Mothers is a great idea -- they're offering a free pattern for a cashmere blend Mother's Day Flower (you'll need to register with them in order to access the pattern).

Sure, we can run down to our local stores and purchase a gift, but does that item come from heart the same way something you've taken the time to create by hand does?  To me there is no comparison; I would much rather have a gift from my children that they created from their hands that expresses what I mean to them rather than a store bought gift.  Those items have the "Wow" power -- "Wow, he/she MADE this for me!"  Think about it; I'm sure you agree.

Me? I've decided to send my Delta Crochet Coaster to my mother who lives in Florida.  I have it neatly peeking through a sentimental card -- she's seen my crochet work in person, but never my thread work.  I figure she can look at it each morning as she sips on her morning coffee and know she's in my thoughts.  After all, she is the one who first placed a crochet hook in my hand so sending her something crocheted seemed quite fitting!  :)

What are your plans?  Are you creating a special crocheted gift for your Mom?


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