Thursday, May 4, 2006


I can see the ribbon at the end of this crochet marathon that I've been on -- no, really, I'm looking for matching ribbon.  Kind of like a rich champagne kind of coloring ...

Oh, the things we do for our children!  My son's arm band is about three hours away from being completed and the shawl I plan on wearing is nearly at the end of the third skein of yarn (out of 7 balls).  I stretch.  I drink some water.  I continue on, recalling that I want to add beads to the work too.  I know that Sunday is right around the corner and if I let up on my pace time will pass me.

So why is it, when we're in the heat of a crochet marathon, that someone has the desire to tell me where they saw Bernat Chenille on sale locally for a dollar a skein?  I'm in training here, folks.  Do I go to their marathons and hold up flyers for cross trainer sales?  I think not!  I know they're serious about reaching that finishing line with a respectable end time, and that's what I want too.

Why would someone tempt me with a yarn sale?  Don't they know I'm an addict -- always in need of the latest stash enhancement or acquisition?? 

     ... OK, so tell me again, where is this store??

What?  They might have the ribbon I'm looking for ...

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