Saturday, May 6, 2006

Oh! That Itch!

It's the home stretch for me ... both projects, my son's arm band and my shawl, need to be completed today.  I'll be busy for sure!

But as I'm stitching along I can't help to notice this growing "itch," this nearly overwhelming desire to put everything aside and start playing with the fibers I purchased on Thursday for the dress I'm designing for my daughter to model this summer.  The itch is getting very hard to ignore; I keep eyeing the bag thinking maybe if I just took the fibers out to breathe that it would help alleviate the itch.  No such luck!  I've already drawn a rough sketch and in my mind I've also pre-selected various stitches to incorporate into the design.  What causes this phenomenon? Have you experienced it too?

I think it's the fiber.  It's calling to me.  Loudly.  It's a new one by "Yarn Art" called "
Milky Way."  It's much like Berroco's Laser FX -- a fiber with sequins pre-added to the fiber -- only less formal; more fun looking and more economical (Berroco's Laser FX costs about $15-$17 a ball where Milky Way is about $6-$8 a ball).  Milky Way is more in line, I think, with what a child would love to have added to say, a garment she wishes to wear yesterday (never mind the fact that it hasn't even gotten onto the hook yet!).  The ball I selected is filled with different colored round sequins.  They have the fiber also available with star shaped sequins or beads.  Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Now if there was a way to quiet it down while I get these two projects done in time for tomorrow I'd be happy.  Wish me luck! 


Anonymous said...

OK, Dee: Good Luck! Be sure to post pictures of the armband and shawl next week. Laura

Anonymous said...

 You go girl I know you can do it!  Sherri