Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crochet Thread Illusion Attempt

Ok, so I've been dodging clouds all day and the results are not all that great. (Click onto the image to the right to watch my first video attempt.)  Click to Watch the Crochet Thread Illusion AttemptI wonder if David Blaine had days like this -- a day where you want to show a great "illusion" only to have the weather not cooperate. Hmmm.

This "trick" really started last week when I spent the day shopping online. I had found a website called All Threads and was intrigued to try their glow-in-the-dark thread. I already have glow-in-the-dark yarn, but thread? No, I didn't have that in my arsenal of yummy yarns. So I opted to order it. But just before I clicked onto the "complete your order button" I found solar thread.

I recalled reading a fashion article awhile back that stated there was a new wedding gown craze -- using solar thread for the fine embroidered flowers. When the bride went outside, the embroidered flowers would appear all over her gown. A pretty cool concept when you stop to think about it. So I thought, what about adding this to my crochet work?? Intrigued, I selected a color to try and added it to my cart. Then I waited for my order to arrive.

An amazing two days later, there it was!  My new box of toys, er thread, had arrived. Geesh! I recall thinking, that was fast! When I opened the box it was confirmed -- it was thread -- like sewing thread, that real fine stuff you'd use on a sewing machine, or use to replace a button. Crocheting it by itself would make for some mighty tiny projects unless, I thought, I added it to another fiber!

So I looked around and found the leftover size 10 thread from the recent Communion Arm Band project I had crocheted for my son.  I worked up aquick swatch and excitedly ran out of the house holding my project high up towards the sky.  Watching.  Waiting.

Only there was no sunshine.  We were in our seemingly millionth day of rain, and in fact heard rumors that Noah's Ark was coming down the pike due to local flooding.  Disappointed in the weather, I headed back inside and waited for the clouds to part.  I waited two days and then it happened -- the sun appeared!  I made a mad dash for my swatch and again excitedly ran outside to see what would happen to it once the sun shined upon it.

I was not disappointed.  The solar fiber changed colors!  But, because it was one thin strand against the mighty thick strand of the size 10 thread, it wasn't so noticeable.  So I headed back in and went back to the All Threads website and placed another order. 

Sure enough, two days later there was my order!  Impressed?  You betcha!  I dove into the box and eagerly grabbed the solar thread.  I *frogged* my original swatch and begain crocheting it up again.  Only this time I held two strands of the solar thread, a strand of the size 10 thread AND a strand of the glow-in-the dark thread together.  Would I be happy with the results?

I admit holding all the strands together and creating the stitches without snagging a fiber here & there did prove a bit of a challenge ... but what about the end results?  Once my swatch was large enough I ran outside in search of the sun again.  This time I didn't have to wait long ... and was I delighted!  It was noticeable!  Happy, I returned back into the house.  But what I hadn't realized was how dark it was inside the house until I saw my swatch starting to glow!  Whoa!  In the mere moments it took the sun to change the solar fiber, it had also charged up the glow-in-the-dark fiber as well!  How cool is that?!  And, I will say, that it had a most unique texture look to it!

I decided to tell my kids I had a great illusion for them.  I took them & my swatch outside and told them to watch my new magic trick.  Boy, did I impress them!  Or so they thought.  Thenwhen we came back into the house where they noticed it glowing ... I relished in their reaction that was shock & awe all rolled into one emotion.  Laughing, I told them I am the "David Blaine" of crochet.  We won't go into the eye rolling reaction they had to that.

So, getting back on topic, I finished my swatch and tried to photograph & video the effects to share.  Only the sun kept hiding behind the clouds today.  I was flustered as you can tell by my eariler entry.   All I got, after about 15 takes (that's what they call'em in the movie business, right?) was the video above.  Oh, and this image which I opted to make a "CLICK HERE" because it takes a long time to load and I didn't want those on dial-up to be stuck waiting for it.

So yes, I'm impressed with the product, and with the company.  And no, I'm not a paid spokesperson for them (But if they want  to pay me, then who am I to refuse?)  {{grins}}  The good news is, if you're interested in trying it yourself they're having a sale:  10% off orders over $50 until the end of the month.  Shipping is FREE.  Always.  (and in my experience -- quick too!)   www.AllThreads.com

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to put this on my wish list!  I think my son would love a glow in the dark hat or maybe even mittens too! Thanks for the tip and info.