Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Solar Power!

Solar Power!
  Click to watch!

Look, I know yesterday's video was not so hot ... it was really hard to see "ta da" action going on, but I assure you, it did change colors!  The problem was that I had to do the videoing using a lower grade megapixel level in order for the AOL site to accept it -- and after 15 attempts yesterday, I pretty much gave up on trying to capture the action.

But just moments ago, while finally enjoying a blissful day of spring sunshine, I think I captured that magic! Watch the (smaller) spools of thread as they change from a cream/white to a light blue, yellow and pink.  Finally I'm able to offer that magical moment I so wanted to share yesterday.  (Yippee!)

In the video you'll see some rectangles I've crocheted up already ... I'm on my third.  Not sure what I'll create with it yet, well, darn.  There I go ... lying!  I don't like to do that, but I guess I was trying to create a bit of mystery. Well, I guess I still can because yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what I'm creating -- but you'll have to wait and see what develops.  I'm wicked for teasing you today, but you know how it is after you emerge out of the darkness (caused by days & days of rain) -- you're just giddy with delight for seeing a constant sun shining!  Besides, I know you, my readers, enjoy a good teasing from time to time.  Too bad we can't reach right into our monitors and pet the fabric -- it's rather soft to the touch. 

By the way, if you're stopping by here because I "surprised" you with a gift of Blog Explosion credits and was looking for a reason on why I would do such a thing, it's because I liked your fiber~theme blog and wanted to say "Hi" in a unique way.  Enjoy!  ~Dee


vigilant20 said...

That is how I ended up  Thank you for the credits.  And thanks for bringing me here again.  I thought I'd added it to my bloglines a long time ago, but apparently I hadn't!

knittingcrochet said...

That was very cool I thought only I did things like that!