Thursday, May 11, 2006

Attending Crochet Classes = Excitement & A bit of Organization

I learned earlier today that Lily Chin will be releasing a new book called "Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion, and Finesse" and it seems (a coincidence perhaps?) that I happened to have signed myself up for the two -- all day long -- classes she'll be teaching at the CGOA Conference this summer that reportedly reflect information that will be in this book.  (I signed up for Designing Better Crocheted Fashion Garments and Fine Shaping and Custom Fitting Garments classes.)  Lily's new book is due out this October -- hopefully in time for the Craft Yarn Council's "Knit Out & Crochet Too" event they hold in New York City -- this way I can see about getting it autographed!  {{grins}}

So while I await for my class confirmation and feel the excitement about attending grow, I am slowing creating what I call my "memento notebook."  I do it for each Conference I attend.  I add the brochure for the event and then add dividers for each class I'm attending.  I include any homework, class fees, and blank sheets of paper for note taking.  Any handouts received in class are slipped into little divider pockets; and I usually keep a page for adding business cards too. 

Organized?  Yes!  I do this to make it easier for myself when I want to later reference materials; to refresh my memory for a technique or tip I want to try recapturing from a past class.

You should see the notebook I have from the classes I took with Melody MacDuffy on the Overlay Crochet technique last year (maybe I'll take a picture of it & share??) ... I've been adding patterns I've been finding in various Crochet magazines and now when I want them I know just where to go ... hmmm.  That reminds me.  Melody is returning to my neck of the woods; gotta go; I have another workshop to sign up for! (and another divider to add to my "MacDuffy Notebook")

What do you do when you attend a Conference, or spend a lot of time with a specific teacher?  Do you organize your materials?  Share with me your method; I'd love to know!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I have a 4" binder for classes I took in 2005 - some online, most at the CGOA Regional.  A divider for each class, with notes, handouts and page protectors for swatches.  Also have 2 large binders for the Master of Basic Stitches course.
I've started a new binder for 2006 classes - so far just the Delta Crochet online.  But I'm attending the CGOA National in King of Prussia.  So happy that this is basically loca for me.  I've taken my daughter to dance competitions twice a year in King of Prussia.
I circled all the classes I wanted to take, but forgot to make notes of which ones I eventually signed up for, so waiting for class confirmation.
See you in July!