Monday, May 29, 2006

32nd Annual MA Sheep and Wool Fair

So, how do ewe feel about missing a fantastic yarn sale?  Apparently the answer is provided by the sheep at the 32nd Annual Sheep & Wool Fair that I had the privilege of attending yesterday.  (You have to click onto the link above & listen to get the punch line.)

But first, before going to the Fair, I loaded up on a lot of fantastic fibers from the "Memorial Day Yarn Sale" where beautiful designer fibers were on sale for 50% off ... these are just a few of the adoptees now residing in my home.  From wool to silk blends, I'm excited to have them with me, and I can see that they're already "making nice" with the other fibers residing here.   :)

So, did ewe like my little sheep joke earlier?  I couldn't resist!  LOL ...

With Grace, Jennifer and my son yesterday, we took a little ride (about 2 hours one way) to attend the 32nd Annual Sheep & Wool Fair that was held in Cummington, MA, yesterday!
  Compared to other years that I've attended this event, yesterday's weather was just FANTASTIC!! The sun was shining, and everyone was having a great time!  But I think my son had the best time of all! 

We looked at all the sheep, llamas, and alpacas -- and oh! the incredibly soft angora bunnies too! The baby animals were just adorable!

We visited with Janet of who showed us how to do  drop spindling a little easier (I'm sure my son will egg me on to have us practice the technique soon!).  We visited with Sheila of who enjoyed having my son figure out the mechanics of their custom wheel her husband, Jonathan, designed.  And we got to say hello to Helen of (you may recall her from the Ewephoric Weekend that was held in Avon, CT); she helped my son get a taste of spinning on a wheel -- he seemed to be a natural at it -- he really enjoyed the experience!  (Does this mean a spinning wheel is in my future?  We'll see!  I joked with him saying I won't need to purchase my yarns anymore -- not when I can have him hand spin them up for me in a jiffy!)

There were many things to see & do.  It was a real feast for the eyes, and the fingers.  We had a lot of good laughs ... including when we spotted the "rastafarian sheep."  (They were so cute!  I have no idea why their fleece is like that!) 

So where was my daughter, the other fiberholic of my family? ... she was home being cared for by her daddy; still sick.  So my son did what any good brother would do: he searched for a souvenir for her that he hoped would brighten her day when we returned home.  Together we looked at a lot of interesting items, including some beautiful handmade dolls.  Eventually he found the perfect souvenir for her and surprised her with it when we arrived back at home.   He also pulled from his pocket an array of fibers he had collected: from sheep roving (fresh clipping), to actual spun fibers.  He shared every juicy detail of the Fair with her and that seemed to lift her spirits.  (She's feeling much better today, btw.  Thank you for all the Well Wishes for her!) 

As for me?  I came home with a new license plate frame that says "I'd Rather be Hooking," some buffalo (yippee!), and some more dreamy soft Peruvian alpaca offered by *ATouchofTwist*!  Yes, it was a great time ... including listening to the live music provided by one of the vendors:

32nd Annual MA Sheep & Wool 

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Anonymous said...

You know Dee I live in the wrong part of the country. I really need to live back east. Im so jealous... I live through all your fiber adventures. Keep up the great reporting. Thanks, Sherri