Friday, May 12, 2006

Hot Off the Hook

Really!  I delivered it to a very happy Mom this morning -- had I more time I'm sure I could have gotten a better snap shot, but this will have to do.

It's a recreation of the Communion Cape I created (using the click for larger viewHairpin Lace technique I've been discussing this week) for my daughter last year.  Only this one will be worn by a little girl in my son's class for her upcoming Communion taking place on Mother's Day.  Although it does not have the fancier beads & fiber as my daughter's did, this cape that's hot off my crochet hook, IMHO, came out quite pretty. (The photo here does not reflect it's true elegance but it does show some of the design elements better than my daughter's picture.)

This cape was crocheted using Bernat's Bernat®  Baby Coordinates Yarn Baby Coordinates and I think it's the little shiny filament that runs with the fiber that gave the camera a hard time being photographed ...  maybe I can talk the Mom into giving me a picture with the little girl wearing it on her special day; it doesn't hurt to ask, right?  :)

Now I can look forward to answering the call of the fibers I purchased the other day and get started on designing that special dress for my daughter ...

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