Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Spotting Crochet Fashions and Budding Designers

Part of the fun in attending the CGOA Conferences is in wearing various crochet fashions to classes and events, and even more fun is in checking out all the crochet fashions everyone else is wearing.

This was particularly true in 2004 when I attended the Conference in New Hampshire.  While I was busy wearing ice packs (see archives from July 2004) it was fun for me to admire everyone else's' fantastic fashions.  One person who caught everyone's eye was the then budding designer Doris Chan.

I had the privilege of sitting in a class with Doris and found her to be quite charming.  Since that time I have watched her designs crop up in many crochet magazines ... each one just beautiful.  Now I see that Doris has a book coming out (shown on right; click for info) and if I'm not mistaking, it is her first book and is due to be on the book stands come this November. 
I'd say she's no longer a budding designer -- she's blossomed!  How wonderful!  Congratulations, Doris! 

So, where are my thoughts for 2006?  What will I create?  What will I design?  The pressure (I place upon myself) is surely on because my daughter has also volunteered to be a model at the Fashion Show.  What will she wear?  What will she create?  What will she design?

All good questions, and soon my daughter and I will have our crochet hooks flying with yarn overs to provide those exact answers ... to be answered at the Conference being held in King of Prussia this summer.  ;)

*** Crochet in Fashion News: ***
Styled for Success: "Chic for spring are safari-inspired shirt dresses, lightweight and breezy belted numbers with a vintage '50s look, simple A-line sleeveless for day and night, mini dresses, baby-doll dresses and knits, especially crochet."

More of the skinny on skinny jeans: "look for baby-doll styles, empire waists, crochet fabrics and layered T-shirts with jackets."

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