Saturday, December 17, 2005

We're Having A Baby!

We learned last night that we're expecting a baby!  Well, no, not us meaning my husband and I ... but my youngest brother and his wife are expecting their first child come this spring season! 

          Will it be a boy?
                    Will it be a girl?

One thing is for certain:  after the New Year I will be thinking of what to crochet for the newest member of our family!  Do I crochet something from a pattern or design something totally original? 

Do I go traditional in using colors like white, pink and/or blue?  Or do I use primary colors like red, blue and/or yellow?  Or do I go with a color to match the anticipated birthstone?

Do I go with cotton, or easy to wash acrylic?  Do I crochet the fabric to be smooth, or textured?  Just a blanket? Or perhaps an entire set: a blanket, a sweater, a bib? ...

So many decisions, so many choices!  One thing is for sure, this baby is much anticipated and will be welcomed into the world with a lot of love!

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Anonymous said...

And how many young'uns call you "Aunt Dee" presently?  I am sure with you as the child's aunt, it will receive immeasureable love and attention...and let's ditch the silver spoon in the mouth idea and go with a silver K Hook in the hand!!!'ll have that baby crocheting before it can walk!  

Don't forget the first stuffed animal/doll for the child either!  Knowing you, you'll be making all of the items and not just one.

Oh, I mean no offense by the word "it".  You don't know the sex yet.  Soon as you do, I'll start referring to him/her properly.  "It" is just easier to type.  Please forgive me.  

Congratulations on the announcement!  My favorite words have always been "You're going to be an aunt."

Hugs to you, you beaming-with-pride woman!  Sheila