Monday, December 5, 2005

Excited: Like a Kid at a Candy Shop

I don't like that it's getting darker and darker in the middle of the afternoon; I just don't see where the daylight "savings" is applied here.  So of course I'm delighted that in just a few short weeks that trend will start to end!  Don't get me wrong!  I love the snow!  In fact I'm hoping tonight's storm gives us more than the 4"-6" forecasted.  It makes for better sledding, better snow ball fights, better snow angels, and for making hot chocolate taste that much better!  I just don't like short days of sunlight.  I need it for my photography!

So I'm sitting here this afternoon, watching, waiting. I'm watching my front window like a kid looking in the window of a candy shop -- I'm waiting for Santa, er my UPS driver, to show up with a "toy" (see left) I have no intentions of waiting for Christmas day to open!  Nope!  I'm going stand right there at the front door and tear right into the box and use it immediately!  Hey, I mean, yeah, I could wait, but then you would have to wait to see my just finished WIPs!  And we wouldn't want that, right?  No.  See?  Waiting is a bad thing!   LOL -- just don't tell my kids!!

I'm filled with this excitement from working hard this past weekend!  I created two webpages and crochet to my heart's content ... I even got the family involved when one "slippery devil" of a fiber opted to get out of control and unwind itself.  What can I say?  I was making a "custom blend" of fibers that look just amazing crocheted up!  I had enough to make three hats with it -- so you'll see it once Mr. UPS gets here.  (hmmm, was that a truck I just heard?  Nah.  Just a neighbor.  OK, now, where was I? Ah, yes, the topic was the hats I crocheted this weekend ...)

One hat I will not be able to photograph.  It's already gone.  Sold.  What can I say?  I went to the dentist this morning, and that went really well (some would say hearing "You've got no cavities" is a good indicator of a well visit -- I don't!  I judge it by how much crochet I can get in!) as I got half a hat done while I was in the waiting room.  During my visit my hygienist "came out of the closet," revealing to me that she used to be a crocheter.  We got to talking and the next thing I know she's buying one one of the hats I had just finished tucking the ends into!  That means more funds were raised!  Yea!!!  If you'd like to bookmark the page while you're waiting for me to announce that there's new hats, here's the URL:

To put the icing on the whole day, I came home to find out that a young journalist from the University of Florida wants to chat with me about crochet for a piece she's writing.  Could the day get any better than that?!?  (What?  UPS is at my door?  Really?!  Cool!  Gotta go!)

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