Friday, December 9, 2005

Hoofin' It: Part Three?

Old man winter came aknockin' -- winter's official date isn't for another 12 days, but aknockin' he did.  And he's still here, dropping off a good 8-10 inches of delicious fluffy snow that's perfect for Santa to do some test sleigh riding.  We can forget about driving anywhere the roads are not passable.  This means we'd have to hoof it by foot, or just stay inside and spend the day sipping hot chocolate, leafing through patterns, and crocheting hooves.

Crocheting hooves?

                                    Yes, hooves.

Now, for my readers who have been with me for a bit over a year, this theme might sound familiar.  And for those readers who have been with me from the Crochet Partners online group for the past several years, well then, this is part three of the story for you.  But if you're new to reading my blog/journal here, then you'll want to get caught up by going to last year's entry first: Hoofin' It.

Hooves.  Not just any type of hooves, like horses or zebras, or even giraffes.  Nope.  We're talking Reindeer Hooves.  And I think I got hoodwinked into creating more.  ((giggles))  Here's how I came to this conclusion:

On Wednesday I was doing volunteer lunch duty at my children's school.  On this day I spend a great amount of time in the kitchen and since there's some "dead" time in between the two shifts (lower grades eat before the higher grades) I spend that time crocheting.  (what a surprise, right? lol)  So there I was, crocheting up a Cap for Cancer when the Kindergarten teacher (aka the choreographer of the upcoming holiday show) approaches me.

"Ah, just the woman I needed to see," she says.  I looked up from my work and smiled at her.  "I'm going to need to get some information from you on how you made those reindeer hooves.  I know you're quite busy, and since you have the entire school crocheting I figure if you could give us the information we can crochet up the extra hooves we'll need for this year's show," she adds.

"I can give you that information," I reply while thinking there is no way I have the entire school crocheting -- at least not yet!  "How many more hooves do you need," I inquire.

She pondered on my question for a moment and then replied, "three.  Yep, I need three more sets of hooves."  And with that she was gone.

So I got to thinking last night.  I have the same material I crocheted the first eight sets with.  I have the pattern.  The snow storm will likely keep the kids home from school and that means it wouldn't be until Monday I could get the information to the school.  Would they be able to find someone who could crochet up three more sets of hooves in time for this year's show?  The show is for this coming Thursday!

I picked up my hook and set to work.  I have one set done; two more to go.  I have three days to pace myself; I can do this.  After all, it's for the children.  :)

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