Monday, December 12, 2005

I Must Be Cracking Up

It's official; I'm stressed!

Holiday decorating, wrapping gifts, holiday greeting cards ... and lets not forget that I need to figure out where to put my stash to make room to bring a tree in the house!  Ack!

I need to crochet one more set of "Reindeer Hooves" for the holiday show, two designer scarves for the teachers, and still design a cowgirl hat (with unspun roving) that will also need to be felted once it's done.

Hooboy!  I'm going to run away.  I'm going to run away where no one would think to find me come this time of year!  If you really, really need me, I'll be sitting in the yarn aisle at my local yarn shop trying to figure out how to get the bulb hooks to attach to the yarn balls like those pictured on the right ... I figure hanging my stash on the tree until after the holidays is one way to solve my stash storage problem ((chuckles))

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

 Come run away to Las Vegas I have some great yarn stores you can hide out in:)
Have a blessed Christmas!