Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Question from Reader: What's the Name of the Book?

Dear Dee, I am asking my Santa for the book with the poncho you wrote about in your blog. I don't recall the title; can you tell me the name of it please? Also, when do you think the book will be out? Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane,
I am honored that you wish to put the book featuring the pattern for my poncho on Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos: New Styles, New Looks, New Yarnsyour holiday Wish List!  The title of the book is, "Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos: New Styles, New Looks, New Yarns.  I haven't seen the book yet so I cannot tell you which page my pattern will be on.

As far as when the book will be available, both bn.com and amazon.com show November 2005 as the release date; but that release date has not held true.  Do you recall that television show about a Skipper and a fearless crew (a.k.a. Gilligan) and what happened to them during their three hour tour. Their three hour tour? You know, the one where "the weather started getting rough; the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the fearless crew the Minnow would be lost"... (hey, the song was stuck in my head, I couldn't help but add it to today's entry!)  The bottom line of the story is that everyone is eventually found and everyone is happy.

Well, along a parallel universe, based on my "source," (aka the publisher) there were some delays in printing and the books are now on a "slow boat from China." So instead of being available at the end of last month, we're now looking for it to be available at some time in mid-January.  Eventually the books will arrive and everyone will be happy.

So, while you're waiting, one book I'd like torecommend you have on your holiday Wish List (if you don't have it already) is Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet.  It came out in 2002, and IMHO, is really becoming a classic "must have" for every crocheter's library.  There are many wonderful projects to try as well as stitch patterns and motifs.

Thanks for writing in; and for keeping tabs on the progress of my poncho pattern.  I hope your Santa treats you good this year!  J

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