Saturday, December 17, 2005

"a darned cute christmas thing"

Remember on Tuesday when I wrote that I was thinking of hanging my yarn stash on my Christmas tree?

Remember the comment Sheila wrote where she said, "I expect pics of this tree!!!" ?

          Yeah.  I know.  You're all still waiting to see.

We'll be putting up the CrochetWithDee family tree this weekend. 

But why make you wait 
when the idea of hanging ones' yarn stash on the Christmas tree
               is already out there in cyber space?  

                                         Click to see 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL!  That IS cute!  I was looking at ornaments on a tree the other day and it looked like the pattern that one gets from a home yarn winder.  They were very lightweight and in red glitter (spray paint?  Glue?  I don't know).  They were shaped to look like apples.  I immediately thought of yarn upon seeing these upclose, but I am not sure how they managed to make them so lightweight!

About your "kudos" in the previous entry, I'm very happy for you and they are certainly well deserved!

Take care - Sheila