Friday, December 16, 2005

Still Flying High With The Reindeer

Just hours before the show last night, I finished the last of the reindeer hooves.  We arrived at the school early so I could deliver the last pair in time for the kids to prepare for their number.  I gave the hooves to an older kid I know at the school figuring that since he was going to be a "stage hand" he'd ensure they got delivered to the right group of kids. 

Then I headed to the gym to see if I could get good seats.  This was the first time the school was going to put our two children together on stage -- a rarity since they are in different grades -- so getting good seats was strongly on my mind.  As I walked in the gym the school secretary said to me, "Oh, good Dee, you're here!  We have seating reserved for you."  I was totally surprised as they don't do (that I know of) reserved seating for anyone!  Then she led me to the front row where they had seats reserved for my husband, my father and I!!!  FRONT ROW!!

OMG!!  I know one should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but I had to know why -- so I inquired and she said, "With all the time you put into those reindeer mitts, it's the least we can do for you to show our gratitude!"

OMG!!  I was smiling big time!!  To be able to see the show, to see our children performing together in the show so close was an incredible Christmas gift!!  e

The entire show they put on last night was just fantastic!  The children sang like angels ... including the little fifth grader who did an incredible solo number with the song "
Baby Of Mine" (a Disney tune from the "Dumbo" movie) I'm still smiling from last night!

Then this afternoon, when I was doing volunteer lunch duty for my daughter's class, the kindergarten teacher (the coordinator of the show) approached me and said, "Dee, I can't thankyou enough!  I had no idea that you knew we were short one pair of hooves and the fact you whipped them up at the last minute was absolutely amazing!  I had no idea you did that until I saw the children come out -- each wearing their pair of hooves!"  She said she was too embarrassed to ask me for that last pair and inquired if anyone had told me another pair was needed. 

When I explained to her I had noticed during the rehearsal and decided to just create the extra pair she called me an angel!  She said she had gone out to a store and bought brown gloves for the last reindeer not knowing that I had the last pair on the hook -- and that she was absolutely delighted to see all the reindeer wearing the same hooves during their dancing number.  (The kid I gave the mitts to never told her I had delivered them, so it was a surprise to her!)

I smiled and told her that I loved the front row seating.  Then I chuckled and asked, "Do you think I can get the eight original pairs back to finish them?"

"That's been bugging you for two years, hasn't it," she asked me back.  "Why is that?"

"My biggest fear," I explained, "is that someone will come and & off those ends and they'll unravel.  With the time invested in each one ..."  I let this sink in for a moment.

"OH!  I see," she exclaimed.  "Yes, I'll get them back to you so you can finish them."  And with that we both laughed.

ZYes, I'm still flying high with the reindeer, and think I'll always have this wonderful memory to look back upon for years to come!  Children singing like angels; with moments like this can life be any better ?  I'm thinking this makes for a great ending to the "urban legend." ((giggles))  J

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