Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spirits Lifted, Smiles Everywhere

My son asked me this morning if I was serious about hanging hanks and skeins of yarn on our Christmas tree this year.  All I could do was give him a big grin and say that yes, I am seriously thinking about it!  I've even given thought as to how I could hang them without worry of pine sap ruining the yarn!

My grin continues because my boss, John, over there at Knit Together, pulled what I think is a miracle out of his hat for me ... or should I say out of his stock room?  He found 30, yes, that's right, 30 balls of the treasured Marlene yarn for me!!!  We thought I had cleaned his stock of it out earlier, but apparently these were hiding just a bit!  I bought every one he had and now I can go back to offering delicious designers hats crocheted out of this incredibly beautiful fiber!  ... The colors I picked up today are: black & white, purple, and a blue  (a bit darker than the hat pictured above) ... thus far we've raised nearly $250 to be donated to the American Cancer Society and that's worth smiling about!!!

PLUS, a package of new designer-prototype crochet hooks arrived for my inspection!  You had to have been in today's crochet class(es) to get to check them out -- what fun!  ... if you missed my class(es) today, that's OK.  I plan on writing up a review of these hooks and reveal who the designer is in a brand  blog I'll be launching soon!  Stay tuned for that bit of news!  :) 

My grin continues to grow even further because we all know that I think crochet totally rocks.  And now I've got the proof to stand not behind me ... BUT beside me  You know I've got to gloat!  LOL ... check it out: Crochet makes it as one of the
Top 10 Fads of 2005 (and one to watch for 2006) for searching on the Internet(come on, grab your crochet hook and your pom poms and do that happy dance with me!)

Now if I haven't been showing my pearly whites enough today, then add to this that my US Postal carrier dropped off a little package ... in it was three bee-utiful scarves that Sherri sent me to donate on her behalf as part of the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge we did.  They are so soft; so warm -- they will be much appreciated!!  Sherri also stuck in there one of her crocheted gingerbread men -- he is sooo cute!!!!  Sherri, he's for me, right?????  (hint hint)

So you see, my spirits have been lifted ... I love when that happens!  Thanks everyone!!!   :)


Anonymous said...

Wow!  Sounds like the Christmas spirit is alive and well in full force at Dee's house!  Your SIL and Aunt would be proud of the ACS donation. That is truly wonderful in itself!

The phys. therapists say I'm not ready for dancing, backflips or cartwheels but I lift my pompoms and give them a shake for you!

PS - I expect pics of this tree!!!!

Anonymous said...

YES Dee hes for you and you alone:) He loves hangin around the tree but he can hang anywhere:) Have a blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee:  Just wanted to let you know that you lift my spirits when I spend time with you.  It's impossible not to feel motivated around you and your amazing attitude and sense of caring for others.  It is truely a pleasure and a priviledge to have crochet time with you.  All the best to you and yours this Christmas.  Love, Lori