Monday, February 7, 2005

Watching Smiles Blossom

I feel as though I've been running a marathon today ... running here, running there.  Doing this, doing that.  I've been making dents but I need more time.  Little things are slowing me down -- mud puddles, ice, and a flaky dsl connection. 

One of the best parts of today was during lunch duty at my children's school.  I brought with me a skein of yarn to work into something. What, I didn't know.  A hat, a baby blanket?  I thought the inspiration would hit as I walked around the room.  Little did I expect that it would be inspiration from 30 children!  

It seems they're rather keen on the string games.  Cats Cradle I think it's called.  And they asked me to crochet the strings for them.  I managed to create a few with what little time was remaining and promised to return with more the next time I do lunch duty for the first grade.  The kids were happy.   

The ropes are easy to make ... just chain 125 stitches with an "I" hook, join with a slip stitch to the first chain and end off.  Hand it to a kid and watch the smiles blossom!  :)


shooser1 said...

You're giving me an idea for an entry but its got nothing to do with crochet.  Its a silly way for kids to make a lanyard with yarn and incorporates the use of their fingers and a big toe.  LOL!  Sheila  PS - I bet a lot of kids think you're "Da Bomb of Moms" at that school!!!  More power to you with your patience.

astaryth said...

I used to love 'cat's cradle' type string games when I was little... I could do a whole bunch of them.. Jacob's ladder, cup and saucer, cat's cradle (of course)... It's nice to know that kids can still enjoy something that's not bought!