Saturday, February 26, 2005

FIRE WARNING: Sirdar Spinning Ltd.


Having seen the horrific pain 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns can inflict upon a loved one (and I'm not even touching the topic of skin graphs!), I am urging my readers to take heed to this Fire Warning issued by Sirdar Spinning Ltd:

"Fizz incorporates a viscose content which, combined with the loose construction of the yarn, means that it will ignite when exposed to naked flame.  In view of this IT MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM FIRE AND OTHER SOURCES OF IGNITIION SUCH AS CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, GAS COOKER HOBS, CANDLE FLAMES, ETC."

You can read more about this safety warning by visiting Sirdar's press release on this.  It also includes information about a possible product recall, and how you can contact them.



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Anonymous said...

EEeeeek! I looked and I don't have any of this... I was pretty sure I didn't recognize the name, but you never know, better to check the stash for sure. Thanks for the heads up!