Sunday, February 13, 2005


As promised, here's the rundown of the latest issue of Elle magazine ... issue for March 2005.  Let's turn to page 172 and begin our drooling:

From a tunic top by Daslu ($221), rhinestone-center crochet pins ($80), cotton sleeveless dress by Tory ($395), to a freeform bikini ($140), the fashions are just beautiful and inspirational(Did I mention the pumps?  They don't mention how much those  will set you back!)  The key here, to these fashions, is exactly what I've been saying for weeks now:  FLOWERS are IN!! 

They have crochet flowers on the tunic, on the dresses, on the flats (shoes), on the freeform bikini, the rhinestone pins, and the shorts!!  Yes, sirie!  That gopher may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but everywhere I'm looking I see FLOWERs!!!

The article (as brief as it is) states, "Today crochet is experiencing a renaissance, appearing on everything from handbags and gloves to jaunty sundresses."  The article encourages you to "...invest in some of these key pieces" for your wardrobe and end with, "after all, isn't that what modern luxury is all about?"

You can be on the cutting edge of fashion too by crocheting flowers and adding them to your work.  A quick search on the Internet will get you some free patterns, or you can check the book by Donna Kooler, or Maire Treanor for more flower ideas.

And what am I currently working on?  Yep, finishing up the little Rose Broaches to have my kids pass them out to their teachers tomorrow for Valentines.  :)

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