Tuesday, February 8, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I received a phone call tonight from a concerned neighbor.  Apparently someone in the neighborhood has opted to keep three ducks as pets, has clipped their wings, and lets them roam the hillside during the day.  For those neighbors who have a ton of money invested in beautiful spring flowers, these ducks will eat them all.  And apparently these ducks are fearless as they waddle up and down the roads looking for various things to eat.  Dogs don't scare them, and people are nothing to them.  They do as they please and when they please.  I doubt they'll come to my house; all I have to offer is an assortment of weeds.  Those aren't nearly as tasty as all the designer flowers next door...  Yep, I've been warned.  The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly are roaming the streets.

News that, perhaps you'll find more interesting than the flower killing birds, is that Crochet Fantasy has their main webpage back up announcing that they are under new management.  The good news is that this management saved the publication and have changes in mind for it.  The bad news, as it states on their website, they will not honor any subscription that is not done directly through them.  Check it out for yourself... www.crochetfantasy.com.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little ducks.  If you're going to do something such as clipping their wings, then they need to be penned up, safe from predators and neighbors with pretty flowers.  I wonder if the Humane Society can do something for them (the ducks that is)???  Sheila