Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents & Gems

Puzzled?  Two entries from Dee in one day?  Oh, how I spoil my readers!  {{grins}}

I'm just preparing you for the next few days when I'll be "MIA," but you never know!  I may phone in some entries so check back daily!

Now with it being President's Day and all, I forgot to mention that while we're celebrating, we should keep these two Presidents in mind:

          President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Knitter
                 President James Buchanan:  Crocheter

And finally, because I know you'll miss me, I want to leave this gem for you all to enjoy -- watch it when you have about 8 minutes of quiet time, with a great glass of wine (or your favorite beverage).  Be sure to have your computer speakers on before going here: PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI N. 56  (it's a review of the 2006 spring-summer yarn collections)

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