Saturday, February 5, 2005

Hooking Up

Last night I updated three of my webpages: History, Famous Crocheters, and Types & Techniques. It looks like I'll be updating Famous Crocheters again ... I love when I can add more famous crocheters!   On those I need more information on, I have another person to add with Patricia Arquette to request your help in determining if they're a crocheter or not. This  other person is Linda Grey who played the roll of SueEllen on the TV show DALLAS. Reportedly, she can be seen crocheting on one of the episodes. I can remember when the show was on, but I wasn't allowed to watch it, so I can't say for sure. This is why, readers, I need your help in making this determination.

On the magazine front, upon request I received the January 2005 issue of Craftrends.  It's a publication for retailers; it's not your normal craft type of magazine. They have an article in there on helping crochet blossom. It quotes Mary Calucci of the CYCA saying what we already knew ... "...from our research there are actually more people who know how to crochet than know how to knit." Yep, the numbers are something like three to one.  Cool, huh?

So the biggest thing to do then, is to get those crocheters out of the closet and help show the manufacturers and the publishers that we enjoy what we do. One way is for crocheters to hook up with each other and help each other further their crochet skills, another is to visit your local craft and yarn shops and bring in the goodies you've crocheted -- show them what you're interested in!  This will help them determine what supplies and classes you might be possibly interested in.

I learned the other day that there's a small group that gathers at our local Starbucks coffee house on Tuesdays to crochet for charity. I also learned through the ConnecticutCrochet online group that there are three ladies in the same area -- one of which knows of a local group of knitters & crocheters that enjoy stitching and bitching together.
I love it!!


Anonymous said...

What is the story on the crocheters at Starbucks? Where can I find out more about them? Ruth

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

I'm excited because the owner of one the yarn shops in town wants me to crochet some items to generate more interest in crocheting, and for me to teach more crocheting classes.  I taught one in December and have had a private lesson too.

Also, sometimes I bring crocheting to our Monday night Sit 'N Knit meetings, and I notice that others are starting to as well.

Vera's Crafty Blog

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if he crocheted it himself or not, but there was a news story on Dennis Rodman today and his involvement with PETA and he was sporting what appeared to be a crocheted hat!!!  And just remember, Dennis was NORMAL when he played for the Detroit Pistons (Go Detroit!!!!). :oD  Sheila