Tuesday, February 15, 2005

surviving on coffee

I'm not much better for wear, today, having had my son wake me a few times during the night.  I expected that he would, but now that the reality that daytime has arrived has hit, I can see that I will be surviving on coffee today.  And yes, this means I'll be stopping at Starbucks on my way in to the yarn shop.  I'll stumble in, hike up my pajama pants and peer out of the one slightly unsleeping eye and say, "Excuse me?  Yes, I'd like to order a superHUGE a cup of coffee, heavy on the caffeine. Thank you."  Of course they'd want to know what size superHUGE really is of which I'd reply, "...give me the entire pot of coffee!!"  I'm sure they've seen this type of sleep depraved condition before.  LOL

On the crochet front, I did manage to crochet and KNIT a bit yesterday.  I decided that between tending to the kids that I'd sneak in a stitch here and there.  What resulted was me cleaning out my "crochet tricks" bag (the bag I use to carry my "tools of the trade" in).  I had buttons scattered everywhere in that bag and decided I needed a small "Treasure Bag" to contain them.  So I crocheted the body of the bag and knitted the flap.  Dee knitted???  Yes, I did, but it wasn't a lot.  We're only talking like a 2" square on size 10 (I think) needles.  Besides, it didn't come out perfect, so rest assured I'm not converting!!!  Being an "extreme novice" to knitting I wasn't sure how to decrease, so I did as we can in crochet -- I FUDGED!  All I can say is that I'm happy with the end results.  My buttons are contained!  :)


Anonymous said...

I have a little secret.  Out of 3 sets of knitting needles and three knitting books, I only sent my sister 2 sets of knitting needles and two knitting books.  SHHHHHHH!!!!  Don't tell anyone!  LOL!
I was just reading on another person's journal about the magazine "knit.1".  How there are quite a few "crochet" mentions in there this month and patterns for a dress, a shawl, and bikinis.  
Over the weekend I caught "Knitty Gritty" on t.v.  I'm sooo not impressed with it.  It was a disappointment to crochet since they used a crochet hook for one of the patterns they were working on.  My philosophy is this:  If you have a craft that is going to require anything to do with crochet, TEACH CROCHET!!!!  Seems to me that knitting is a spin-off of crochet.
I'm beginning to think knitting has its place if you're going for a particular look to the stitches and those who might find Tunisian difficult to learn (I would be more comfortable knitting than learning Tunisian myself), but I'll stick to my guns on crochet. :o)  Feel better!  Sheila (who didn't get to sleep until sometime after 4 a.m.)

Anonymous said...

That makes 2 of us Dee.  Sorry I missed you today; my little rugrat gave me his cold and I really couldn't drag myself in today (you know if I can't make it to class to see you, I'm feeling terrible).  Anyway.  Iwill see you in 2 weeks, a week after you turn 1 year younger (that's how it works after 30, right?)  Have a great one and I'mm speak to you.  LORI