Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Techies meet Crocheters who want to Design

So you're computer savvy and want to add crochet to it so you can start designing your own stuff.  OK.  So what's available on the Web?

Well, yesterday, I learned that through the website you can get software that will help you design filet crochet patterns.  Click around the website and you can even check out their demo on the software.  The cost is $35-$45 depending upon how you order the software.

Next up is the program called "Knitware Design" that you can checkout at the website that claims it's a "shaping software for knitters and crocheters" from everything from clothing to afghans.  You can read a crochet review by visiting here: -- and to add icing to the cake, they even offer a free download so you can check it out prior to purchase: -- the average price is about $50 depending upon which vision of the software you order; but it can cost more depending if you opt to purchase more versions.

Then there's the "Instant Stitch Deluxe Edition" software program -- I actually purchased this one last year.  But, due to my PC crashing, I never got a chance to reload it in my new PC and play with it.  I recall paying about $30 for it.

"Pattern Maker" (offered on the website) claims it's a cross-stitch program that lets you easily create original designs by "virtually" stitching with a mouse.  I had read on a website that it can be adapted for crochet, but found no supporting evidence of this.  If you have it and use it for crochet, please let me know.  This software sells for $50 -- $100 (depends if you get the professional software or the regular standard edition).

Also at the website is the software called "PC Stitch" that sells for $50.  It allows you to import any image and then have it "graphed."  It's really for cross stitching, but you can imagine taking your image and turning it into a graph to create great crochet works simply by changing colors with your crochet stitches.  There used to be a free demo version of this software on the Internet, which I recall playing around with a few years ago.  I don't know if it's still available for trial prior to purchase.

Along the same lines at is another software program call "Stitch Studio" for designing your own pictures/imagery.   There's another version called "Stitch Simplicity" -- I'm not sure of the differences of the two programs but they claim it's also good for tapestry crochet designing.  They DO have a demo version available for download, and if you like it you can purchase it for $20 -$90

The website has it's own version for Tapestry Crochet (cross stitch really, but they say it works with any type of fiber art needing grids).  It retails for $99 and has a free demo that you can download -- including a free screen saver of various needleworks from around the world.

Getting back to the "PC Stitch" software that I said I wasn't sure if there was still a free download available or not (for demo purposes) ... it helps if you visit their official website!  LOL ... yep, go to and you can give it a try before purchasing.

These are just a few of the software programs that I've found on the Internet.  I'm sure there are more.  I'm still searching for the one I saw at the Stitches East event that was held in Atlantic City last Fall.  When I find it, I'll post about it.

In the meantime, if you use a software program for your crocheting, please post here and let us all know about it, including if it's worth the time, energy, and funds to invest in it.

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