Sunday, February 20, 2005

March 19 FIELD TRIP!!!

To make up for yesterday's entry, and an interest in shopping with me ... IF you can make it, here's the plan:

Members of the Crochet Partners online group from surrounding states will converge upon the store known as WEBs on March 19.  You do not need to be a member of Crochet Partners, but if you are, it will be that much cooler!  (If you wish to become a member of Crochet Partners, you'll find the link to the right -- just be prepared to get 50-100 emails a day, or set the option for "digest."  There's some 2000 crocheters there!)  [ 6:09 PM UPDATE:  If you are from Crochet Partners, crochet this Shamrock and wear it on the Field Trip!  This will help us determine that you're from that group.  Likewise, if you're not from Crochet Partners, but still want to be identified as part of the field trip group, crochet the Shamrock and add a ribbon to it.  It will be fun to spot each other!]

From the Danbury, CT, area, we will be leaving the Michaels parking lot (actually in Brookfield) at 9:15 AM.  This should put us in the Norhampton, MA area around 10:45-11:00 AM (not including any potty breaks along the way).

For those that have never experienced WEBs before ... you're in for a big treat!  It's a huge store filled with lots of yummies ... yarn that is!  If you can't make it, then you might be interested in going on their VIRTUAL Tour by Clicking Here(how huge is this store?  It's in an airplane hanger!!) There's another yarn shop right around the corner called "Northampton Wools," a chocolate shop (to die for! Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm!) on the main corner, and a bit up the road is an awesome bead store called "Beader's Paradise."  We'll be eating lunch there too. 

And of course this is all weather permitting.  So bring your money, your walking shoes and cameras.  It's set to be a very fun day!!

Why March 19? 

Well, the Month of March is NATIONAL CROCHET MONTH and what better way to celebrateit than by meeting a bunch of other crocheters and celebrating over beautiful skeins of yarn??

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Anonymous said...

Dee - Why can't you relocate to Ohio?????  At least I get a cool shamrock pin pattern out of the deal.  :o)  And of course the knowledge the March is National Crochet Month.  You can bet that I'll be doing my part to spread the word and the enthusiasm!  (and with a little luck, my local craft store knows that its National Crochet Month too and will be celebrating with SALES!!!!)  Sheila