Sunday, February 20, 2005

Crochet Wishing ...

I know, I know!  Dee, what happened to yesterday's entry??  Well, I was hit with another headache that really knocked me out of wanting to do anything yesterday.  I took Tylenol and slept for most of the afternoon yesterday.  It did help, but not completely; I still have traces of it today.  My concern is having two headaches in the span of one week.  This is how my children's recent illness started -- with a headache.  I'm hoping that's not the case here because this is my "Birthday Week Extravaganza!" 

I did manage to crochet another "monotone freeform pencil/pen holder" last night, and got to see the TV show "SNL" show off a little bit of crochet fashion.  I love having crochet sightings like that.  Today, I had fun "wishing."  I took the image from the website and pasted my face onto one of the models wearing a beautiful crocheted Chanel dress.  It was absolute hysterical, and boy!  Did I look GOOD!!  It was the quickest weight-loss I've ever experienced!!  I did like the hairstyle on me, so perhaps I'll think about getting mine cut that way.  If you'd like to see some FANTASTIC crochet fashions, including the dress I mentioned, then CLICK HERE.  Keep in mind you'll be seeing the real models' face, not mine.  (I'd paste the hysterics here, but don't want to infringe upon the photographers' copyright.  So you'll have to use your imagination.)

It's nearly time for me to update the "About Me" section of my journal and I'm thinking of adding two new titles there ... one from Gwen, who calls me a "crochet cheerleader" and one from Sheila who named me "the bomb of Moms" (Rose so loves to call me that at the store!  LOL).  So, while I contemplate adding these two new titles to my "Crochet Enthusiast" title, what other information would you, my readers, like to see added?

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Anonymous said...

That's it, Dee!  Release your inner hooker!  ROTFL!!!  Are you sure that Tylenol was ALL that you took?  This entry doesn't sound like you.  But I LIKE IT!!!  And yes, "Crochet Cheerleader" is very fitting!  I definitely agree as you have been mine for a while now.  Glad that "the bomb of Moms" is well received!  Heehee!  I bet shopping with you is a treat!  Sheila