Friday, December 3, 2004

...Think of all the fun I'd miss...Santa, baby

Oh, can it be true? There's software out there to help me get organized with my crochet? For real?

It must be. The website states that they have software for the crocheter who has everything, but can't keep track of it all!

The software they're offering is for use with PDAs. PDAs are like little personal assistants in the shape of a mini computer that fits nicely in handbags.  I have one and love it.  (I got mine through Dell's website.) 

So, what about this crochet software?  The website states that the software will do the following:

  • Projects Database
  • Measurements Database
  • Abbreviations and Terms Database
  • Hooks Database
  • Patterns Database
  • Books and Magazines Database
  • Yarn Database
  • Hook Conversion Chart
  • Yardage Estimate Calculator
  • Buttonhole Spacing Calculator
  • Increase/Decrease Calculator
  • Metric/English Conversion Calculator
  • US vs. UK Terms Chart

    Oh, and how sweet!   It says you can use your desktop with the software to synchronize the information. Hmmm.  (please pardon my drooling at the mere thought of being that techno-savvy!!)

    Santa baby, if you're reading this, I am interested!
    They're even offering a free trial!
    I've been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
    So hurry down the chimney tonight (& download it for me!)
    Boo doo bee doo
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    Anonymous said...

    Wow.... I wonder what it's like to be that organized... But, then I would miss the thrill of discovery when I open up a box(one of the many) looking for something for one project and find something I totally forgot I had! <LOL>