Saturday, December 4, 2004

Dreamin' of a White Christmas

While we're making plans on visiting Jones Family Farm to get a fresh Connecticut homegrown Christmas tree, my thoughts also drift, like white fluffy snow, over to decorating possibilities. (I'm really liking that tree on the bottom right, dear.  Let's be sure to get that one!)

Crochet has long been known as an art form with the greatest potential for recreating what we see in nature with fiber. That fiber is known as thread, and the items recreated can range in size depending upon the thread size and hook size used. And, usually, when this topic is brought to light, the first thoughts in most people's minds are doilies. But we're not talking doilies here. We're talking tree decorating possibilities!

The year my husband and I married, I decorated our tree with white lights, and crystal/glass ornaments with red ribbons. The year our daughter was born, I decorated our Christmas tree with white and pink lights, white and pink ornaments, and pink ribbons. (Are you thinking ahead of me? Yeah, I bet you are! lol) When our son was born, I decorated our tree with white and blue lights, white and blue ornaments and blue ribbons.  So now, what about the ideal crocheted Christmas tree?

Since there are, in nature, no two snowflakes alike, may I suggest crocheting a variety of snowflakes for your tree? As the snowflakes are being blocked, sprinkle them with ultrafine fabric glitter. You'll LOVE the end results!

Next, thoughts of garland comes to mind ... but lets update it a bit by adding some fine crystal beads. That will add some real shimmer when the lights twinkle!  Oh, and let's not forget about ornaments! There's been talk of using metallic spray paint to add a whole new look to them!!

It's a bit late in the season for me to even consider having our tree decked out in crochet as I have other crochet commitments ... but just as one would bestow holidays greetings for a White Christmas, one can also wish for one decked out in crochet.

And just in case gift tags are needed for those holiday presents, make it crocheted ... or at least just print out the gift tags that feature crochet, like the one to the left.  (See?  I made this tag simple by already adding my name to it!  lol)

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Anonymous said...

<LOL> As if I didn't already have a backup of projects I would like to do... you give me several more pages!!! Actually, over the years I have collected a lot of the little snowflake ornament patterns.... A few years ago I did a bunch of them up in sparkly thread and wrapped all of my packages in Dark Blue shiny wrapping paper with a snowflake or two on each attatched to the gift card.. very pretty under the tree.