Sunday, December 26, 2004

Question from Reader: Angel Lace Technique

jdjhall asked, "I have found a piece of equiptment that was used by my Mother. It is used to stitch what I think is called Angel Lace. It is two metal bars with a piece of plastic that fits at the top and the bottom and somehow I stitch with the yarn between the two poles. I can't figure out how to use it."

Another great question!

JD, that piece of equipment is called a "fork" (sometimes called a "staple") and the end result is commonly referenced as "hairpin lace." The concept is that you take your "yarn over' and loop it around one of the prongs creating an airy piece of fabric.

There are many websites offering instructions, such as and (the bella site has graphics!)

Most of the time this technique is used to create lacy garments ... like shawls and ponchos. It's also used for making afghans. The book, "Hairpin Lace" by Jules Kliot may interest you. I do have a write up on this book on my Book Review page.

I hope this helps, JD. J

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