Sunday, December 26, 2004

Keeping In Stitches

This has to have been, despite an allergy attack, one of the nicest Christmas Holidays for my family. Mainly because of the snow storm that pelted the Midwest. Because of that snow it slowed work down here for my husband, and instead of him getting home so late that Christmas Eve would be ruined, he was home EARLY!!!

We packed up the gifts for our relatives and headed off for an evening of celebration. I gave our nieces the Treasure Bags that I had stuffed with Mary Kay Satin Hands samplers (It helps to be a MK rep!  In thinking ahead, this might be a good Valentines gift for the kids teachers!  <<wink wink>>) I let each niece pick out the bag of her choice and they were a hit!!  They loved them!!

On Christmas, it was an all-day affair of opening gifts. We don't allow the children to just dive in -- instead they open them one by one after declaring who the gift is from.  Then, once it's open, the gift is inspected for it's "coolness" and given the appreciation it deserves. We hope that this will instill in our children the appreciation of the thought that went into the gift, rather than the gift itself.

After taking a break in the afternoon, I couldn't wait for my daughter to open the gifts in her stocking. When she finally did, she found that she now has her OWN crochet hook set and crochet hook holder! Perfectly timed if I do say so myself!   You see, we went to Knit Together, a store in Stamford, a few days before Christmas and she picked out some new yarn. This was her prize offered by the Connecticut Chapter of the CGOA for winning a Blue Ribbon for her crocheting this past autumn at the CraftAdventure -- check out her website for more info on that -- she was thrilled with getting her own crochet hook set!! This means no more asking Mom for permission!  (In all due fairness, my daughter does own one custom made hook.  I'll go into detail on this in a future journal entry.)

In turn, I received the most precious gift from her -- a crocheted necklace with beads!! I don't know when she crocheted it, but she said that "...Daddy helped."  It's a precious gift I'll wear with pride and always treasure!  :)

BTW: The song on this journal entry was sung by my son.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!  Wish you had pics of your daughter opening her stocking to see the hooks!  I bet it was priceless!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Oh, the audio entry of your son was precious! My afghan that I made for my brother and his wife was VERY well received, and the colors matched their living room set almost perfectly. (As you know, sometimes it's hard to tell with colors when you can't lay them up against something <g>). I meant to get a picture of it on their couch, but forgot. I'll have to do that next time we are there. My SIL put it on the back of the couch immediately and announced that was where it would stay. Everyone kept remarking on how soft and cuddly (and heavy <LOL>) it was. Makes all the work worthwhile!