Monday, December 20, 2004

Ah, Snow!

There's something blissful about waking up, listening to the radio and discovering there's no school.  It's such a wonderful feeling to squash all sound and drift back into lala land.  And it's even more blissful when your children make the same discovery and decide to join you for a snuggling session under the quilt while the heat kicks on and warms the house.  Ah.  I love moments like that.

It's impossible to look out the windows this morning.  There's sheer ice covering every one.  It must have been very windy last night blowing all that falling snow and freezing ice.  That would explain why I can't see out the windows.  The announcer on the radio said we got 2-4 inches of snow depending upon where you live.  We live on a hill.  That means there's maybe 4-6 inches out there.  I'm not looking forward to shoveling it.

I did manage to crochet another scarf for the Harmony House last night in the glow of the Christmas Tree.  Yes, we even finished decorating it yesterday, and as I sat there and worked each stitch, I focused on each ornament we placed on the tree.  Every one has a special meaning of a time or place in our lives.  I had taken special note to show my children their "Special Ornament" that holds the picture of them at their first Christmas; the ornament also happens to match their stocking.  They took pleasure in that and asked what their first Christmas was like.

For my daughter, at eleven months old, she was most interested in those two front teeth.  Yes, they had finally cut through and she had biting power.  She made sure she tasted every piece of wrapping paper her little fingers grasped.  For my son, at just barely five weeks old, he was more interested in a dry diaper, a full tummy, and a nap (and his crocheted blankie I had made for him).  At his second Christmas he learned to taste the wrapping paper just as his sister had at her first.  Ah, memories.

So, the big question, IS THERE ANY CROCHET ON DEE's TREE?
    Well, yes there is.  I will admit that I cheated.  Well, I shouldn't say I cheated because that's not the feeling I got from it when I purchased it.  I'm more like a patron of the arts ... supporting other crocheters by purchasing their work.  Yes, that sounds better.  So, what is it then that's crocheted and on the tree?  Twelve crocheted snowflakes to represent the twelve days of Christmas. 

As for the rest of today, I'll be wrapping up the last of the gifts, crocheted, but of course (yes, crocheted by me).  And maybe a batch of Thumb Print cookies to be baked up with the children.  Of course this does mean that I'll need to blow the dust off of my cook book.  (lol)

Yes, snow days are fun!

11:30 AM -- UPDATE:  All that dusting off the cook book for nothing!  No Thumb Print Cookie recipeGreat thing for the Internet ... found one!  Just click onto the link to enjoy.  I'm off to go whip some eggs & stuff together.  Enjoy!  ~Dee

1:05 PM -- ANOTHER UPDATE:  Note to self:  eggs do not go in the cookie batter.  Omit chocolate chips and use White Chocolate Chips; omit jelly preserves for middle and use deep, dark chocolate.  Make warning label to read that glass of Milk is required while eatting these yummy treats.  Kids ate two each already; awaiting for sugar rush to kick in (I have snow shovels awaiting to help them burn it off).  <<grins>>

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