Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I LOVE Good News!!

One of the ladies that has been a member of our CGOA Chapter since it's start in 2001 sent me an email yesterday. She has such a great & giving heart!

Our first charity drive as a Chapter was crocheting Special Comfort Pillow Afghans to donate to Friends of Karen, Inc.  (a nonprofit group that aids terminally ill children & their families in the Westchester & Fairfield counties).  Celeste came up with her own pattern (see image on right) that everyone just fell in love with. After she donated it, she made another, and this time wrote the pattern down. She then submitted it to a contest that the magazine "Quick & Easy" was having and went on with her life.  Well, as you'll read, she was having a rough day...

Wed 11/17 I went home from work to prepare for a test at the Hospital for Thursday. Drank the awlful Phosophos Soda and sat down to look at the mail. Only to find tucked inside of a catalog the envelope advising me of my win. Somehow the whole test thing was suddenly minimized in my brain, I guess I had a more exciting item to think of.

I was truly surprised and in shock when I opened the envelope. WOW I really won 1st prize and my directions will be published. Yes, I was honored and excited but really I have to reflect on how it came to be.

And how did it ? It was the result of my heartfelt effort to do something for others "Friends of Karen" which at the time of creating it, I never even dreamed of winning anything. My intent was just to comfort someone .

You know I have to say, the best reward above all winning anything is to fulfill the opportunity to do for others. Its the feeling, not a prize thats the best .

"Rewards are always the greatest when we give to others" .

Well said, well said!!

Congratulations Celeste!!

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