Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Crochet Anonymous"

When I visited my husband's work-place yesterday afternoon, some of his co-workers approached me stating, "Your work is so beautiful! Your husband brought some in to show us!"

He did?? Wow, how cool!

When I inquired with him, he confessed it is true! He has been smuggling my crochet projects out of the house to show off to his co-workers who were interested in seeing it!

If that's not enough proof to show how much of a crochet-supporter he is, consider this: When I volunteered him to assist the CrochetKween with a secret project at the CGOA Conference this past summer, he was game! ... The man can seemingly do it all: live with my yarn stash, speak enough crochet language to take crochet-dictation, can tell the difference between crochet and knit, proudly shows off my crochet projects, and now, will offer his acting skills for crochet videos. Even though he has of yet to pick up the hook and officially learn how to crochet, you gotta love him! :)

Bravo to all those who helped make this video, "Crochet Anonymous"; job well done!!! :)

And just what do Crochetaholics have to pledge at those meetings? It seems the 13-step program was anonymously emailed to me back in 2004:

With an enabler like Mr. Dee, I don't see myself going to a Crochetaholics Anonymous meeting anytime soon! LOL


Arielle said...

YAY for Mr. Dee!!!

YAY for all our supportive husbands!!! Most of my friends are not so lucky.

My husband is my main supporter too! If I am wearing something I made he will tell everyone about it, even strangers on the street. Even if they don't ask. Yikes!

What a sweetie. Here he is conversing with my satin angora bunny.

gardenknitter4 said...

Hi Dee, I was wondering if the crochet, etc group still meets at Borders on Wednesday mornings. I came once and I'd like to come again. also, I saw all you beautiful projects at the Bridgewater Fair. The Ling Collar was exceptional! I won third prize in the hat/scarf category with a blue scarf with leaf trim. Hope to meet you again at Borders.

Sheila said...

Hi Sheila,
Congratulations on your Ribbon from the Bridgewater Fair! I so wish our paths had crossed while there; would have been fun to catch up! :)

Yes, we still meet at Borders on the 1st, 3rd, and now 5th Wednesday of the month -- from 10AM to Noon. I'm usually at most. Hope to see you soon,