Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair Rules

Soon it will be time to take out the crocheted Trick or Treat candy pails, attend Stitches East, and the New York Sheep & Wool Festival - but before all that can happen, my family and I had to attend the Eastern States Exposition. Our goal yesterday, aside from having fun, was to pick up the entries my CGOA Chapter had submitted. Only that didn't happen.

Sometimes, for some crocheters, rules are, well, to say it plainly, directly, rules are dull. Eyes will glaze over while we itch to get started on our projects, thinking we know what the author/rules will say. Until, that is, we hit a snag that our independent spirit cannot fix and need to go back and read the rules over -- completely -- to see what we missed the first time... Yep, rules are rules, and they're meant for a reason. Drat. This means we should read patterns completely before diving in, AND we should also completely read entry rules for fair competitions before heading out (even if we've been entering the same fair competition for years!) -- so we won't discover after the fact that you will need to return the day after the fair. Guilty as charged.

As I prepare to return to the fair grounds later today, I did want to say that yesterday
A. I did have a great time at the Fair,
B. I purchased a hank of dee-LISHious hand-spun, hand-dyed Alpaca yarn and
C. I found winding yarn from a hank into a center-pull ball is a great way to pass time while waiting for the Fair's parade to start (just look at that blissful smile on my face! LOL). Now, if only I had remembered to bring along my crochet hook ... I'm just sayin'...

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