Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let it Sparkle & Shine!

It has been raining for nearly 40 days and 40 nights. Seriously, it rained something like 25 out of the 31 days in July making it one of the coolest July's in Connecticut's history. What this has meant for us is better crocheting weather! And yes, us as in the plural sense!

Mini~Dee finished the project for her Dad and did a most fantastic job! My hand in the project was to instruct her how many chains to start with and to answer her quesions on how to do increasing. The rest was all her! How I thought the project would turn out and how it did turn out -- well, let's just say she ran with the concept and added her own stamp of flavor to it. (That's my girl!) I love it; and think it is so fantastic that she should enter it into competition come fall!

To complete the piece we took a crochet hook, some nail polish and some ultra-fine glitter ... in the picture on the left you can see how the hook now has some color and sparkle to it.

Now that it is August, and that the sun is shining, it is time to start packing up as much as we can for the trip. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.

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