Saturday, August 15, 2009

ChainLink: Day Two (Part Two)

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have Mr. Dee in my life? I'm sure I have, but just in case let me go on record that he is just terrific! Tonight will be a busy night and I'm trying to figure out how I'll manage dinner. That is when he calls me to see what I'd like to have for dinner! (talk about timing in the Universe!) I tell him I'm in the mood for a cheese-less meatball sub, and by the time I return from teaching my last class to the hotel, there he was with my meatball sub! What a great guy!

I finish my dinner and then dash out again, back to the conference center to attend the CGOA's Annual Member Meeting. I arrived a few minutes late -- and nothing screams "late" more than having to find an empty seat in the front row ((how embarrasing; lol)). Rita was going over the business with the membership doing the motions to approve the budget and such. One of the things I think was really great was that they put into the official minutes to recognize -- to show our appreciation for -- Gwen Blakley-Kinsler for founding the CGOA. Unfortunately Gwen was unable to make the Conference as she was caring for her mother who had just had open-heart surgery. If there was a sound to be heard around the world, it would have been the applause and cheers for Gwen!

After the Annual Member Meeting was the New Member Welcome Soiree. It was wonderful to see & meet so many new CGOA members!! The event was sponsored by Drew the Crochet Dude. How cool is that?!! (that's Drew in the back ground giving a thumbs up; I agree! This new event at the conference was a success!)

The evening wasn't over -- there was still the CGOA Chapter Coffee/Dessert to attend! The CGOA Chapter gathering was started a few years ago and has been growing ever since! It was wonderful to hear that there are so many more Chapters! Can you belong to more than one Chapter? Absolutely! I belong to several: my own HHCC, the Crochet Friends of Stamford, the NYCCG, and the only online Chapter (hosted on Cyber Crochet of CGOA. Representatives for each Chapter stood up and briefly spoke about how their Chapters work, what they offer their members, and how they benefit local communities. There was a lot of inspiration in that room -- and cookies. Yes, lots of cookies!

After the meeting several crocheters joined me at my hotel room to discuss the events of the day while we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine from Jones Family Farm. If today was a busy day, tomorrow will be even busier!

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