Sunday, July 5, 2009


We enjoyed a nice quiet 4th of July picking strawberries at Jones Family Farm located in Shelton, CT. While many (including myself) have been grumbling about the unusual wet/rainy summer we've been having, the strawberries have been loving it! In fact, as one staff member of the farm put it, "These may be the best strawberries ever!" In looking around at the faces of people picking strawberries, the tell-tale signs of the sweet strawberry juice on their faces, hands, and clothing was a good indicator that this was true. And, I can attest, they were -- and are (as I sit here this morning enjoying some) absolutely delicious! Mmmmmmmmmmm

Along for our outing yesterday was my new finished project ... which is nameless at the moment. Sometimes names for projects are so obvious, you just KNOW it's the right name the moment you think it or say it out loud. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the right name to come to you, and this is where I am at the moment -- waiting for just the right name to come to me.

However, taking pictures does not require waiting -- unless it is weather related. With yesterday being the first sunny day since the Age of Aquarius (sorry, I have that song stuck in my head), I wanted to take some shots of my project with the farm in the background, and dang blast it if it wasn't too sunny out!?! Ieeeee! LOL ... at least you get an idea what it looks like, right? ... and please note, I do NOT have the pattern available. And yes, it is made entirely of bamboo and merino wool and is very yummy to pet. (I plan on wearing it at the Conference next month.)

While we were at the Farm, we also visited their winery. I got to sample many delicious varieties and selected many (bottles) to come home with us. I also purchased a new pair of earrings made by my niece, Crista, well known as AmberTurtoise, to go with my newly completed project. Imagine my delight to find she's now blogging! You can visit her blog here: (pictured with my new earrings is one of the closures I mentioned on Thursday.)

You know, I had so much fun at the Farm yesterday, I think that's what I'll name my new project: Jones'n Avenue. See, sometimes names do just come to you. :)

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Sara said...

Beautiful project and love the name. The strawberries from Grandpa's garden were delicious this year. So, I hear you on the delight that is fresh strawberries.