Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Reason for the Season: Giving from the Heart

On Monday night I gathered with Priscilla and Grace, the President of our crochet club, at our local Borders Bookstore.  We sorted through a lot of hats, scarves, mittens & gloves to create what we call "sets" -- it also means writing down the approximate age the set would best suit.  Two hours, and one spilled Hot Chocolate later, we were done!  I don't have an official count as to what all the generosity amounts to as more donations from our members are still coming in.  I know we were short on mittens & gloves so I went out and purchased 23 pairs earlier this afternoon so we can complete more sets.  (Plus, I donated another 10 pairs today to another organization that is also doing a drive.)  All I know, what I believe actually, is that this is the reason for the season: giving from the heart!

All these "sets" will help various people in my local community to stay warm -- and today's weather of a balmy 22 degrees F (not including the wind chill factor) is a great reminder of what's to come in the coming weeks: Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain!  I know from my own experience in growing up that it's no picnic to go through winter without a coat and other warming necessities.  So being involved in helping my local community like this is what makes my holiday season so special -- and to think of all of you who participated in the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge, that your scarves will aid someone in need too -- well, that's the icing on my gingerbread man!  I love all this generosity!!  Thank you!!  :)

All the items Priscilla, Grace and I sorted will be donated this Friday on behalf of our  CGOA Chapter to our local Salvation Army headquarters.  I do hope to have more pictures to show when we make the delivery; the amount of people they help at this time of the year is staggering!  However, I do have more pictures from Monday night, but they are from an 8-year old's perspective, and somehow close-ups of spilled Hot Chocolate just don't count.  LOL  I do like the one he took of the three of us that's featured in today's blog entry though!  :)

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