Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Santa's Fault - and Doris' too ...

Yes, it's all Santa's fault, and Doris' too, that I didn't return to blogging yesterday as I initially planned.

Santa, you see, brought me some "techie" gifts for the PC and the laptop; one of the items is a webpage building software program and I've been tinkering with it.  My  hopes are to make the HHCC's website easier on the eye -- and a lot easier to navigate before the New Year.  After that, for later in 2007, I hope to update my daughter's website, and then mineOf course the websites do not need to be done immediately, but you know how new toys call out to you, much like yarn does.  You simply must listen to it; there's no escaping its call!  ... and we're not even discussing webcam possibilities yet!
So, there I was yesterday afternoon, taking a break from learning what the new website software can do when I hear a knock on the door.  It was Mr. UPS.  "I've got a package for Mini-Dee," he says.  (Yes, it was actually addressed to "Mini-Dee!")  I bring the big box into the house and call Mini-Dee over.  She's excited as she eyes the package, "This big box is all for me?!"  The box is from crochet & knit designer 
Doris Chan.

... and it is packed with many delicious fibers of various colors, textures and thicknesses!  Mini-Dee's yarn stash has just been upgraded from the Minor League to the Major League -- and she was all smiles with this delightful surprise! (Thank you Doris!)

I think this means Mini-Dee will need to do more blogging here come 2007 because if we combine the beautiful yarn from Doris; with the lap loom -- and with the book, Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci, that she received for Christmas, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of exciting fiber creations by my daughter.  (and of course, this would give me more time to tinker with webpage updates!)  {{wink wink}}
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