Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I spent this past Monday afternoon with my best friend, Patti.  We've been friends since first meeting in middle school and I wouldn't trade her for the world!  I've mentioned her here in my blog on occasion (in fact, it was her kids I kidnapped this past summer), and I also credit her (on my website) as the one who pushed persuaded inspired me start teaching crochet back in 2000.  {{grins}}

And look what she surprised me with on Monday: Isn't it just fantastic?!!  I love it!

She said she was inspired to create the crochet theme wreath when she was looking through some very old craft books (sorry, she doesn't recall which one -- trust me, I inquired as I told her I'd blog about it!  LOL).  The wreath is now proudly hanging on my front door!

Thank you, Patti!  :)

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