Monday, September 26, 2005

Yippee Yi - Huh?

I pulled out my coveted (oop) copy of "Hard Crochet" by Mark Dittrick last night and flipped through the pages.  I knew I had seen it before, and sure enough, there it was!  A pattern for a cowboy hat!  I read the section and settled in for the night; TV remote in one hand, crochet hook in the other. 

The concept in this book is to create very stiff fabric by using a hook way undersized for the fiber, thus it's title.  I decided I'd try creating a cowboy/girl hat with an acrylic yarn before trying it with the batting I bought Saturday at Stitches East.  If I like the end (acrylic) results, I will need to figure out how much to "expand" the project to allow for felting it in my next attempt.  So this goes down as a "yippie yi yea" this morning because so far I like it.  :) 

As I stitched into the evening hours I wound up on the CBS television station and ended up watching the "Martha Behind Bars" program with Cybill Shepard playing the roll of Martha Stewart.  Geesh.  Don't the writers do their homework?  At one point they show Martha walking up to an inmate; she sizes the inmate's project up and makes a comment about her "missing a cross stitch."  The inmate replies it's how she marks "where she left off."  Only the inmate wasn't working on a cross stitch project, she was holding a knitting project.  At the end of the program it turns out that the project the inmate was working on was "the poncho" -- you know, the one that in real life an inmate gave to Martha on the early morning; the one she wore when she was released from prison?  You know, the crocheted poncho she wore that helped ease her back into the spot light ... 

Oh, you should have seen me rolling my eyes.  I thought to myself, "Huh? Where'd those needlecrafts come from?!"  I think the whole world, except those writers and prop-iteers in Hollywood, know it was crocheted!   Get the facts right folks before you film it!  Cross stitch; knit?    Hooboy.  There goes the creditability of the program!  LOL

And speaking of missing crochet on TV, has anyone seen the new air freshener ad yet?  Word has it crochet is featured, and it's a bit silly -- but I haven't seen it yet.  If you've seen it "Do tell!" and set the record straight!  (thanks!)   


Anonymous said...

Dee, it's a little old lady who teaches crochet classes on television.  She crocheted a Christmas tree cover for the air freshner (not a very good one) and she says for the next class a crocheted rabbit air freshner cover.  She has crocheted lace around picture frames and a crocheted tablecloth also in the commerical.  

Anonymous said...

It is QUITE the silly commercial. Quite a knock on those of us who do crochet. But it was still funny. The old lady fits the stereotype as a lady whose gifts grandchildren dread at Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire also got Martha's poncho wrong.
They had the correct answer as knitted poncho.  So much for the creditability of that show as well.