Saturday, September 10, 2005

~~Various Thoughts~~

First the good news:
   Cathi, my SIL, is now back home; safe in NY.  A medical helicopter had rescued her (she has a broken back due to a terrible auto accident and my nephew had gone down to LA a few weeks ago to help care for her).  But, for whatever reason, my nephew was unable to accompany her during the rescue; he was left behind.  Fortunately he was able to hookup with a neighbor and they're surviving on canned food.  It's a relief to know he's OK. We have one of my brothers "on the case" looking into what we can do to bring him back home. 

Speaking of which, my brother there is a real comedian.  I told him he should look for a place with an "open mic night " and give it a try.  He's a riot!  (I doubt I'd be able to do such a great comic routine!) One of the things he said is that his wife, Debby, has been working on an afghan -- for the RV.  "No, not to go inside of it but to cover it on the outside!!"   LOL  He was joking but said the thing was so huge that he had to fight the closet it's housed in to stay shut until she gets back to finish crocheting it.  "By then," he said, "there ain't no tellin' how big the thing will be!" 

Currently I'm working on a "sampler scarf" that will go towards the 60 Scarves in 60 Days challenge I mentioned yesterday.  Some have expressed an interest in joining me in this challenge but said the charities are not accepting anything right now.  So I thought I'd clarify the goal a bit more:

The scarves are to be crocheted from now until Mid-November, the end results to be donated by the first week of December.  There are several places of which one can donate to (we're not talking specifically of Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts here):
* Homeless Shelters
* Battered Women's Shelters
* Local Salvation Army (not the S.A. stores but the actual chapter where they aid local families in need).
* Crochet scarves up with pink yarn and donate it to a Relay for Life event looking to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I hope this information helps  :)

Lastly, I'd like to mention today that for those that are unable to see some of the images I have here in my journal, it could be because some of the images are what are know as "bitmaps" ... bmp files.  What this means is that it's possible that your browser does not support these files. I am slowly in the process of renaming them.  Thanks for letting me know!


Anonymous said...

That's good news about the SIL and the nephew. Glad everyone is safe!

Anonymous said...

*WONDERFUL new about your SIL and Nephew..
also..lovely sight you have here..
DEE  (another
i don't know how to put my link in to my journal..
but..if you're interested..write me..

Anonymous said...

Greetings from China,

Great work...

I have passed on your blog URL to many friends in the States...