Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Voter's Choice

Yesterday I asked you, my readers, to vote upon which personality I should Dee's attempt to crochet Jay Lenoattempt to crochet up, and it seems as though Jay Leno has won, with Charlie Brown coming in second place.

So I googled images of Jay, grabbed my crochet hook and went to work.  To the right is my interpretation of what Jay might look like if people were made of yarn.  For his face I used the "padded stitch," as the Lion Brand Microspun was not firm enough.  For those that don't know what the padded stitch is, it's when you crochet a row and then, in the next row, you crochet directly over the previously made row. 

Jay's nose is a bullion, the whites of his eyes were crocheted and then sewn into place, later surface crocheting the eyelids in place.  I think his hair (not his chin!) was the hardest to do.  I've already given him two haircuts; looks like he can use another.

I have his sidekick, Kevin, on the hook.  I'm not sure I'm crazy with how he's coming out ... I'll keep working on him and see what develops.

Thanks for voting!


Anonymous said...

I think you've answered the ultimate question: "What's more fun than a crocheted Chihuahaua?" Too fun!  I bet you and the urchins giggled over these fun faces.. a lot!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific likeness!
You seem like you're having a lot of fun.  How about Elton John next?
huge glasses & a top hat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Jane!  I'm researching what style of glasses I should use .... that could take some time!  LOL